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Field Location

(484) 679-6087
(Intersection of 69th Street and Ruskin Lane)
Monday - Friday 6pm-8pm
Starting: 8/1/2014
(Our official address is 505 S 69th St. However, when using GPS, you must enter 555 S 69th St. to be directed to our playing field.)


“The goal of the youth football coach should be to teach the basics in a safe and technically sound manner. He should be organized and confident in his approach and skills. He should make the practices and games fun to the point that the kids look forward to both. The coach should realize and respect his own position and lead by example showing the highest possible standards of integrity and sportsmanship. He should coach the kids up to their legitimate ability to compete while ensuring all players that meet minimum behavior and attendance standards play at least some each game and feel part of the team.”av

By: Coach Dave Cisar

Football Head Coaching Staff

Flag –  Rich Colsom

80LB – Tre Bell

100LB – Shawn Oliver

120LB – Fred Johnson

150LB – Chris Johnson

Coaches Application


In Loving Memory of Coach Joe Grier (R.I.P)

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